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Now I’m wondering about the wide-format pro printer I sold on Craig’s List: did I unwittingly sell it to an ID thief and obediently ship it to the innocent third party who supplied the thief with clean money?It could have worked that way, at least if I were a store that accepted credit card payments.A kid, a computer, and a clever scam that games the system—that’s all it takes to make big bucks, without leaving home.For credit card fraudsters like the teenager who calls himself “d0g,” it’s simply online shopping.He doesn’t handle merchandise, cash checks, or visit drop spots. What’s a credit card fraudster to do: buy expensive goods online and have them shipped to his home? In his Interview with a malicious hacker making over ,000 a week, [Edit 7/8/13: Lambert has taken down his fascinating and instructive article.] Lambert reports how easy it is to find and use these carder sites, and how to turn the hot credit card into hard cash: So finally, the last question I had was how they manage to get actual, physical goods using that stolen credit card, without having to divulge their address.

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