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They feel that they are being rational and responsible, and they feel that they are being smart when they do this.

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In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, gardening, and raising chickens in my back yard. I also speak three languages, and I prefer women who have a good sense of humor, and cook all kinds of food, and who find joy in serving others. I'm 29 years old, and I teach English at the University of Utah. And we will have Sarah ask these contestants questions after right after this commercial break.The English champion was the redoubtable Dame Cathleen Kenyon, her American adversary was Robert Braidwood. Yet this is how our subject advances, by constant probing, questioning, and refining.In my case, the debate concerns the dating and origin of the Bronze Age in South-east Asia.The site had achieved great prominence in Thailand because of the discovery there of very beautiful Iron Age painted pottery vessels.

Some frogs are so loud they can be heard a mile away!

At once, the archaeological community was divided between those prepared to accept his claim, and the sceptics.

For me, it began in 1974, at Ban Chiang in North-east Thailand.

Now, let's have our contestants introduce themselves, and then Sarah can ask some questions. I also like a woman who loves adventure, is open to new ideas, and likes discussing world politics and government.

My name is Ryan, nd I'm 27 years old, and I work as a doctor at City Hospital. And I love women who like my music, don't mind loud rock music, and a person who loves a good cheeseburger over the grill.